Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick takes, vol 3 - Thank you edition!

Thanks to Jen for hosting!


I'm still working on a post to explain and detail everything that happened last week (and the week before).  For the first time in a really long time - maybe ever? - I actually have posts in the draft section of this blog.   I'll eventually get them written up completely.  For now, though, I just want to send out a few little shout-outs to those who helped during that chaos.  We never would have been able to do it alone!!


First and foremost, I have to thank  my awesome husband for really stepping it up oh, about 25 notches, to take care of me and the boys during the chaos.   He not only did an awesome job filling my own role as well as his own, but he did it while doing his regular job out of the house, too (and doing it well).   So, thanks, Mike, for everything you did to take care of us!!  I love you!


At one point during the entire ordeal, I ended up getting a treatment of acupuncture from Dr. John Oertle.   It was a great experience, and a tremendous help relieving the pain I was in.  Thanks so much, Dr. Oertle, for getting me in so quickly and taking such good care of me!!  Check out his practice, here. 


Many, many friends helped out during the whole week, but I have to thank a few specifically.  These guys managed to jump in and take care of my boys at any given moment, so that I could go see another doctor, or go get another test, or just rest without having to watch Cars 2 again.   They were a huge help, and we could NOT have gotten through without them!!  So, major thanks go out to Bill, Lore, Allie, and Amanda for all of the child care help!!


Mike is in a small practice, and we never could have gotten through without the entire staff at his office.  From helping me manage all the different appointments and providing referrals for specialists to helping Mike be with me for all the different tests and appointments, the office at Morning Star OB/GYN was outstanding.  Thank you to so many of you who helped Mike be able to be with me and taking care of me (and the boys) so incredibly smoothly.  Thank you so very much!!


We had an unbelievable amount of support that came in the way of food over the week - long chaos.  From Coleen, who filled our fridge and freezer with groceries, to Tricia who came over and cooked us dinner, to Alison who dropped off yummy Dream Dinners meals....we were never lacking for food and never had to stop everything to get to the grocery store.   It was a huge blessing!   So, thank you so much, ladies!  

If you can, go check out Alison's blog and show her some love.   She and her husband are in the midst of adopting a Baby Girl with spina bifida, who will be born in about a month.  Read the story and check out her adoption boutique!  She's making beautiful necklaces to finance the adoption - you know you want one!!


Last but not least, we had an amazing dentist who ended up solving the mystery of what was wrong with me, and put his own life on hold to take care of my tooth.   (Can I just say that I NEVER thought I'd ever be excited to get a root canal done, was probably the highlight of the week!!).   Anywho, I am very grateful to Dr. Gailey at Gateway Family Dentistry for his great care and compassion!  If you are in the area and are looking for a dentist, I cannot recommend his practice highly enough!!  

Even Rascal #1 got in on the act, writing Dr Gailey his own thank - you note....check it out:


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