Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peaches, peaches everywhere...

We went peach picking again today.  Apparently 22 lbs of peaches weren't quite enough and we had to go get 10 more.

I think there are peaches coming out of every container/basket/fridge drawer in my kitchen at the moment.     We've been eating peaches for pretty much every meal (reminds me of the time we went camping in Maine and our campsite happened to be surrounded by tons of wild blueberries....we had blueberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that weekend!!).

We've had peach cobbler twice this week.  I made peach salsa tonight.  We've been eating peaches at snack time.....we juiced a few of them this past week for breakfast.   Peaches are everywhere in our house!

Today, the boys and I tried something new:  fruit leather.   I've been wanting to try and make some for awhile, since their favourite snacks seem to be the fruit strips from Target.   I'm happy to say that they're delicious and oh-so-very-easy to make!  Try them for yourself!

Peach Fruit Leather **

4-5 fresh peaches
1 tbsp honey

Combine peaches and honey in a blender and puree until smooth.   Spread over a non-stick sheet for a food dehydrator.    Set your dehydrator for 135º, and let it run until the fruit is hardened, and no longer sticky.   Remove from the non-stick sheet, let cool, and slice into strips.  Roll up and enjoy!  

** one batch of this recipe filled one tray in my dehydrator.  To fill the entire dehydrator, I quadrupled this recipe

Start with fresh, ripe peaches

And a little yummy honey

Chop up the peaches (remove the pits, but leave the skins) and throw them into a blender, with the honey.

Put the lid on and get ready to rock!

Puree it into a nice, smooth liquid

Pour evenly (I spread it with the back of a spoon) onto a non-stick tray for your dehydrator
Dehydrate at 135º until it is hard and can be peeled right off.  As it cools, it should soften into a fruit roll-up consistency.

Cut into strips, roll up, and enjoy!! 

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