Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween/All Saints Day

Tonight we tried out a new tradition - and I hope it's one that sticks around. Instead of door-to-door trick or treating and regular Halloween outfits, we attended an All Saints Day party put on by the homeschool co-operative group that we have joined out here.

It was great - the boys had a fabulous time, and it was not decorated with scary, grotesque Halloween decor (Joseph is kind of afraid of that stuff), was well-lit, and the kiddos still got their share of candy. The best part? (for me, at least) The party was FULL of homemade costume awesomeness - no store bought, plastic-y junk, but all homemade, carefully chosen costumes. It was a craft, DIY dream come true for me!

Some pictures from the fun:

St. Michael, the archangel

St Francis of Assisi (#1)

St Francis of Assisi (#2)

Enjoying the games and fun:

I think we've successfully started a new tradition!

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