Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's always Day One...

.....for those of you NFP practicing (that's Natural Family Planning, for anyone who's wondering) moms out there, this is not a related post. ;-)

How many of you do this? I know I do. It's always Day One the day after I slip up and fail in whatever endeavor I am trying to undertake.

Trying to diet and exercise, but have a little bit too much to eat one day?

Don't worry - tomorrow is Day One.

Trying a new method of discipline with the kids (one of those appealing ones where your kids magically behave and you never have to raise your voice) and lose your cool and then resort to yelling?

Don't worry - tomorrow is Day One and you can try again.

Determined to use organized lesson plans with your kids, and then by Wednesday, everything's a jumbled mess again?

Don't worry - Thursday can be Day One, too!

I've had more Day Ones than I'd care to admit. It seems that I'm always trying to obtain some lofty goal, and I inevitably fail.......and crash and burn. Next thing I know, my mind is setting up tomorrow to be another Day One, and I'm climbing back out of the hole I just dug....and trying again.

This phenomenon is visible in EVERY aspect of my life: spiritual, physical, and emotional. It doesn't matter what we're talking about, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to find a Day One in the recent history.

Today is no exception. Actually, if we're going to be technical, yesterday was Day One, which would make today Day Two. (See, I am qualified to teach my children - I can count!). Having just completed a cross-country move without leaving anything - or anyone - behind, I've recognized that I'm actually stronger than I thought I was. Maybe this realization will backfire, but for now, it's given me the confidence to make changes in my daily life. I've made it my mission to make our family healthier. It's a pretty lofty goal, but don't worry, I've got my list.

For our family, "becoming healthier" is broken down into smaller "sub-goals." These include:

- Spiritual health: deepening our awareness of our Catholic faith, and translating that awareness into actions (more prayer, more service, etc)

- Physical health: For me, this goal does include losing weight. For most of the family, the physical aspect of increasing our overall health will translate into creating healthy habits that the kids can carry into their adulthood

- Family health: increase our sense of family and our relationships with each other. To help foster this, we will be beginning to homeschool the kids, starting this fall.

The creation of this blog is really done with one goal in mind: to keep me on track. Like I said before, I'm really good at erasing and starting over (I wonder if that's where my fascination with the dry - erase boards developed?!?!). I'm hoping that putting myself out there - for critique and support - will help me to stay focused and successful in the future.

So here it goes! Let the virtual list-making begin!

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  1. I am with you, friend.... Every day seems like Day 1 to me too in one aspect or another. Thank you for putting it into words and for making me realize that I'm not crazy in trying to keep up with everything :) I'm looking forward to your words!